Techno in Morocco : between fake Babylonian “teknival” and pure old-fashioned party

Just when I want to write an article to say that I’m tired of seeing the free techno movement increasingly taken over by people who have nothing in common with the free spirit that animates us, I am contacted by the organizer of a big party bringing together several sound systems in southern Morocco for the end of the year. I realize that the « Teknival » in Morocco that we hear about on social networks has nothing to do with this free. No, the “teknival” where they want to eat a camel has nothing to do with the big free of the “Nomad’s New year party”!

The Nomad’s new year party project is the result of the union of Tekproject and Nomade crew who come together for a nice party while committing to help the animals of the Moroccan association, the MAA (Morocco Animals Aid https: // in Tamraght, all supported by the Moroccan Swi9a family.

The party is maintained even if it had to be declared canceled. And yes, the organizer of the « teknival » not hesitating to put a spoke in the wheels of the nomadic tribe, so they preferred to play it the old way, that is to say outside social networks.

Even the flyer is similar, and yet don’t get the wrong party: the good party will be on the side of this « Nomad’s new year party ». It is therefore not a « teknival » out of respect for the problems encountered in 2019, when desert nomads came to demonstrate, imagining that the partygoers were « Satanists ». And yes, in Morocco we are not in Berlin, Muslims do not drink alcohol for example. Moreover, no bar is planned at Nomad’s NYP.

However, the organizer of the « teknival » 2022, a certain « Tribal dynamo » aka « Thrasher », persists in the same place in Guelmim, with a « festival » type organization while calling his event a « teknival ». Something to sow confusion in the minds of the inhabitants, sound systems and partygoers. This organizer, « Thrasher », would have the support of the police, organizing both death metal and techno events, in other words, he has the role of producer. I’m not adding more, you understand.He makes flyers, he communicates on facebook, telegram, and many sound systems want to join him without really knowing this context. Between underground and overground, a duality that I just wanted to highlight through an example. This “Thrasher” refused to answer my interview where I simply asked him since when he liked techno and if he was aware of what a “teknival” is.

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The Free techno party will therefore take place at the end of December, in the south of Morocco, perhaps in “the south-east but certainly not in the province of Guelmim” specifies one of the members of Swi9a Family (Morocco). And yes, there are Moroccans in the 2 events, but also all kinds of nationalities, which reminds us that music is supposed to bring us together, not divide us… One Love.


!!! Free Tekno Party, One big wall !!!

– Tekproject TKT ( Italy )

– District23 ( Morocco )

– Nomade Project ( Italy )

– Tiba crew ( Schweiz )

– Trk Track ( France )

And other sounds that want to remain anonymous

Supported by : – Swi9a Family ( Morocco )

Deco & Video mapping : – Wshma prod ( Morocco ) & Manu Grrr




Anyone who wants to help the MAA association will be able to get food and medicine for dogs and cats as well as anti-flea collars, they will have to be brought or sent to the association because they have gone on the road and collection points no longer exist.

Photo : Afreak party 2020

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